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Version 8.29
January 29, 2021
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
Solved Issues:
1368Bezier curves were missing from imported PDF file.
1366Excellon file from customer failed to load.
1365Macro pads in Gerber files from customer had incorrect rotation.
1363Step and repeat with mirroring in an Excellon file were not working correctly and the file had wrong units.
1362Step and repeat with mirroring in Excellon files were not working correctly.
1348Arcs were always converted to a polyline during RS-274X export causing files to be very large.

Version 8.27
November 11, 2020
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
Solved Issues:
1349ODB++ file from customer failed to open.
1339Added support for Excellon type 2 format step and repeat commands (M25, M01, M02 and M08).
1338Slots in Excellon drill file had wrong size.
1336Loading of Excellon drill file from customer did never complete.
1330ODB++ ZIP file failed to open.
1325Excellon drill file was loaded with incorrect tool sizes.
  Zoom to extents did not show correct area after a layer alignment or move.
  Profiles found in ODB++ files are now loaded as a separate layer.
  Component layers are now loaded from ODB ZIP files too.
  Layers are no longer added to the recently used file list if they are loaded from a ZIP file.

Version 8.25
June 24, 2020
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Merge mode is available again, now located in the status bar.
Solved Issues:
1306 Merging two or more Gerber files, and then saving the result as a single Gerber file, caused the coordinates in the created file to be shifted (always using workspace coordinates). This caused the merged file's coordinate system to be incompatible with other files for the same PCB.
The Save As RS-274X dialog has been modified so you can now choose between workspace and original coordinates for the output file.
1305An ODB++ round thermal aperture was not drawn correctly (type: thr).
1304 Round apertures with hole did incorrectly cover other information below with background color.

Version 8.24
April 23, 2020
Feature Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • You may now export ODB++ component layers to DXF format.
  • Added an option to only show differences in compare mode.
  • Added an option in the Save Drill dialog for enabling or disabling the use of aligned workspace coordinates.
  • Added support for older Cadstar drill .rep files.
Solved Issues:
1291A macro aperture using circle entity was not displayed correctly if the Gerber layer was rotated.
1286An HPGL/2 file from a customer had extra lines that should not be visible.

Version 8.22
April 1, 2020
Feature Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Added an option to set default pen width for the HPGL/2 importer.
Solved Issues:
1281 HPGL/2 exporter did always convert arcs to polylines. The exporter will now always write arcs (AA) to the HPGL/2 file if possible.
1280Several filled rectangles in a HPGL/2 file should not have been drawn at all, since they should be rendered using a merge control code that would make them invisible.
1279Macro aperture with type "outline" entity got wrong rotation in Gerber file from customer.
1278ODB++ file from customer failed to open.
HPGL/2 importer has been updated to fully support transparent raster images.

Version 8.20
March 1, 2020
Feature Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • GerbView now displays component layers if available in ODB++ files.
  • New dialog for listing component information in ODB++ files.
  • New dialog for searching for components in ODB++ files.
  • Added a tool that can be used replace the aperture for a single selected item.
  • Added support for EasyPC DOS aperture file format.
  • Added support for EasyPC DOS drill size file format.
  • Align layer function now ignores invisible layers to make it easier to pick elements for alignment.
  • Added new separate output tabs for query and measurements information.
  • Added new option for the Convert Layers to Multiple files dialog that make it possible to enable or disable use of aligned workspace coordinates. Enabling the use of workspace coordinates is very useful if you've manually aligned Gerber layers.
Solved Issues:
1272 Added support for older Cadence Allegro software aperture format.
1270Several apertures in Gerber file was not displayed correctly.
1264ODB++ apertures of type DONUT were sometimes covering other information because the hole was drawn using background color.
1262Added support for EasyPC DOS aperture file format.
1257Some ODB++ apertures had wrong rotation.
1246ODB++ apertures of type OCT was not drawn correctly due to missing support of corner size variable.
998Filled surfaces in a Gerber file were not displayed correctly.
If step selection is cancelled, GerbView will no longer load the first step.

Version 8.10
January 9, 2020
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • This update will fix several reported problems related to ODB++ viewing and conversion.
    Most of these issues was related to complex surfaces with one or more holes covering other features (surfaces, tracks and pads).
  • Added an option to include or skip empty layers when loading ODB++ files.
  • New command line parameter to force a file to be loaded into the active instance: Gerbview.exe /add filename
  • You can now load several files using wildcards from command line, for example: Gerbview.exe "c:\gerbers\*.gbr"
Solved Issues:
1255 A very large ODB++ file caused exception error during loading.
1254Tracks and pads were covered by a surface with holes.
1253A surface in an ODB++ file was loaded with wrong polarity.
1252Some of the apertures in an ODB++ file was too large because the layer defined apertures using both metric and inch.
This was not supported in previous versions.
1248Extra lines were incorrectly added when a PDF file was imported.
1246Filled surfaces in an ODB++ file was missing because they were covered by a surface with holes.
1245A filled surface in an ODB++ file was missing because it was covered by a surface with a hole.
1130A power plane in an ODB++ file was not displayed correctly.

Version 8.00
November 15, 2019
Major Update
32-bit 64-bit
Main New Features:
  • New flat styled GUI with additional application themes, including Microsoft ® Office White, Colorful and Black.
    You can find pictures of all the available themes here.
  • New tool for comparing Gerber files. Result of comparison can be saved to a PDF file.
  • New tool for aligning Gerber and Drill files.
  • New aperture replacement tool where you can replace one aperture with another. You can optionally define a new aperture.
  • Excellon files can now be mirrored about both x and y axis.
  • New dialog for editing drill tool sizes. You can also save and load tool sizes.
  • Gerber files can now be mirrored about both x and y axis.
  • HPGL and DXF files can now be mirrored about both x and y axis.
  • Added option to extract drill data from Gerber and DXF files. For DXF file all circle entities will be used to define a drill hole.
  • Added dialog for setting Gerber output format specification (inch/mm, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, zero suppression).
  • New drill report dialog where you can see tools, sizes and the movement distance required for each tool.
General Changes:
  • Mousewheel zoom-in is now using mouse position.
  • Aperture editor now allow you to enter sizes in mm, tenths, inch and mils (1/1000 inch).
  • Aperture editor now displays a preview of pads while editing.
  • All report dialogs can now save reports to XLSX (Excel) file format.
  • Now shows file location in the PropertyBar window.
  • Added mirror and invert status indicator in the layer info bar.
  • Double clicking on layer name in the layer info bar now toggles its state.
  • When a layer is select its position is now frozen until you unlock it. When a layer is now selected a layer context tab will activated and you will find a button for unlocking the layer here. This is to avoid that you unintentionally move the layer from its current positon. You may also unlock it by selecting it with shift + left mouse button.
  • The aperture editor may now show only used apertures if selected.
  • All internal coordinates and dimensions are now using double precision double values for maximum accuracy.
  • Export function now uses file name as default layer name option to avoid problems with duplicated layer names in exported DXF files.
  • Current Gerber and Excellon format settings are now stored in the project file.
  • You can now save Excellon drill files from GerbView.
  • New option to show Excellon drill movement.
  • There is also a new tool available for optimizing drill movement.
Markup Changes:
  • Revision cloud is now always be outlined by default, independent of current fill style.
  • Added hotkey 'M' for mirroring text element while editing.
  • Added line point editing for lines, polylines and polygons.
  • Added Aztec barcode format (Insert Barcode function).
Solved Issues:
1232Excellon file was not detected as Excellon.
1231Added support for Excellon R# command (repeat hole with x/y offset).
1230Moire aperture type was not displayed correctly.
1228Drill size was not read correctly for one of the tools in an Excellon file.
1222Gerber files caused exception error.
1220Tool sizes were not loaded from Excellon file.
1219Delete by aperture didn't work for some files.
1215ODB file caused crash during loading.
Fixed an error with chamfered rectangles in some ODB files.
Markup undo action should now work as expected.
Some colors could be very wrong if transparent layer mode was enabled.
No longer ask if project should be saved on exit, if an ODB file is currently loaded.
Many minor fixes in dialogs.

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